Reverse Discrimination at its Finest

7 Aug

In an age where it seems like social media doesn’t miss a thing, Reily Cooper made one critical error…You can’t drop the N bomb as a white guy and get away with it. While many black people use this term interchangably on an every day basis, for anyone else it is deemed racism. Recently, LeSean McCoy took exception with Cooper’s statement and said “I can’t respect a guy like that”. Here is lies one of the biggest forms of reverse discrimination still in existance today. Its okay if you belong to the race, but if you’re outside of it you are a racist. McCoy supports Michael Vick, a convicted felon who spent time in prison for his role in a dog fighting circuit. Vick served his time and has returned to the NFL. McCoy and other members of the Eagles have been verbally supportive of Vick saying he has been an exemplary team mate and person. How does a convicted felon get a chance to redeem himself, and yet Reily Cooper is being burned at the stake by his own team mates. Cooper will inevitably released becuase the truth is he isn’t a very good receiver. But when the Mayor of Philadelphia gets involved and says he should be tossed off the team, that is taking this way too far. Mr. Nutter’s comments demonstrate yet again that reverse discrimination is okay as long as you are not white.

Don’t get me wrong, what Cooper said is not acceptable. The point here is, if you can find it within yourself to offer a man the opportunity to redeem himself, then you should offer that same opportunity to every person regardless of their color.


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3 Oct

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